There is no way for us to escape environmental pollution, so targeted Detoxification has to become a part of our life style

We have to be aware that environmental pollution is a fact we cannot ignore, and we cannot escape. Hysteria or fear are not the solution.

Detoxification programmes and solutions are everywhere from social media to YouTube. This helps create awareness and animate the individual to take responsibility and to take action. While detoxification should be a part of our all-day-life but to really understand it, requires a lot of knowledge, understanding and experience.

Detoxification is not easy, not trivial and not harmless.


What is the method?

At LVC we are big advocates of combined treatments because each treatment can support or even potentiate the other one.

A detoxification protocol that addresses your detoxifying organs, stimulates your lymphatic flow, opens the pores of your skin, increases your respiratory rate, and then cleans out your gut, is by far more effective than just taking some supplement a hoping for the best.

Nutrition and supplementation are always the basis, however, our experience showed that just nutrition and supplementation is not enough.


How can I benefit from your approach?

In our Clinic we provide a targeted, individualised and personalised detoxification program which entails tasks you can do at home, those that can be done by your practitioner of trust and those you would need our expertise for.

We work with your endo-toxins from your gut and your exo-toxines from the environment, from the heavy metals to the petrochemicals.

You will get oral supplements, injections and intravenous infusions, colon hydrotherapy, probiotic implant, followed by manual lymphatic drainage or radio-frequency (Indiba) of the body/face/head/neck and brain (Perrin Technique), and finishing it up witha session of infrared sauna and an alkaline shower.

The detoxification protocol will be varied with detoxification footbath, with pulsating electromagnetic treatment, with reflexology, with Reiki, with soft laser, with Rife, with light therapy, etc, etc. as your system requests it.

The combination will be adjusted to your needs and requirement.

Make sure that after such a treatment you drink enough “clean”!!! water and get enough rest. During rest we excrete the most and during the night we detoxify best.

Yes, the treatment at the London Vitality Clinic addresses YOU as a whole. It is worth it, you are worth it