Does this really work?

What is the method and what is the rationale behind it?

Classical homeopathy is based on the work of Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago and works on the principle Similia similibus curantur meaning likes are cured by likes. Homeopathy searches for the one individual constitutional remedy. The active ingredients are often so highly diluted that the product barely contains any active molecules.


So how should it work?

As of today, 200 years after Hahnemann’s observation, science still struggles to find a plausible working mechanism.

Complex homeopathy, homotoxicology, Isopathy and autologous treatments are variants based on the same principles. Despite unclear working mechanism and ongoing controversy, they are very effective supportive treatment methods.


How can it benefit me?

Many argue it is simply the placebo effect that works. We, at the London Vitality Clinic work with physiology and not with pathology, with health, not with disease. Yes, the one molecule, is able to support your physiology and activate or re-activate your self-defence and your self-healing power. The method is a very important part of our treatment concept.


The London Vitality Clinic works with all four methods to support you vitality and health.