Salate? Oral Supplements? or Injections? Which one is the most effective way to boost your energy demand?
What is the rationale behind it?

Over the last few years, there has been a growing demand for intravenous infusions and injections of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, etc.).

Why should injections be better than oral supplements, or simply eating more salat?

Today our food is abundant but depleted in micronutrients. Our present nutrition, even a healthy one can barely cover our body’s demand. We are over-fed and under-nourished. A modern, stressful lifestyle demands for a much higher micronutrient supply than a relaxed balanced life style. We can safely assume that our micro-nutrient supply does not cover our needs.


How can this benefit me?

Whatever we take in orally, eat or drink or oral supplements must be digested and metabolised by the liver. Thus, what ends up in the blood stream is a fraction of what we ingested. That’s why the far more effective way to provide micronutrients and complex homeopathics, is via injection or even intravenous infusion.

A frequent argument is: vitamin infusions create expensive urine. This is correct. The first urine after a vitamin C infusion smells already different, suggesting excretion within a few hours.


So, what it the purpose?

Most micronutrients act as catalysts, meaning that without their presence the enzymatic functions in our cells are significantly slower and delayed. Catalysts induce or speed up enzymatic reactions without being actively involved in the biochemical process. Thus, the catalyst does its job and leaves the scene. The analogy we can use is like a helping hand, a secretary. You could do all the work yourself, but it would take you much longer and be less efficient. Your “helper” does its job and leaves without hanging around. This is true for water soluble vitamins (B-vitamins and Vit C), but not true for fat soluble ones (A, D, E). Fat soluble vitamins can accumulate in the body and cause toxicity.

Parenteral administration of micronutrients should be done by qualified, knowledgeable and experienced practitioners.


Why does Neural Therapy work?

The local anaesthetic Procaine, which is used for the injections, has a dual effect: one it stabilises your cell membranes and second it has a stabilising effect on you autonomic nervous system, by briefly interrupting the sympathetic nervous system (sympatholytic effect). This leads to a “re-integration” of the “disturbed” area into the stable cell membran potential.


How many Neural Therapy treatments will I need?

There is no rule or set answer to this question. Sometimes a single injection resolves the problem, other times treatments have to be repeated regularly or at intervals. The most important part is the vigilant observation of your symptom development. Neural therapy usually facilitates and speeds up the healing process in general. In 20 years of experience, I have only seen about a dozen “instantaneous effects”, but when it happens it is literally mind-blowing, it really gives you a notion of the interconnectedness and that every cell just functions in this whole, harmonious concert and any interruption at any stage or any location can have effects far from the source. It give you the confidence that whatever support you provide to your body, it has the far reaching effect of addressing it all.