For the last 16 years, I have specialised in brain mapping with quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) and event related potentials (ERP’s) and have recorded more than a thousand people, both for research and clinically. I have worked on a number of research projects, including a 3 year project on ADHD doing qEEG/ERPs and Neurofeedback at Imperial College and 3 years at Goldsmith doing Neurofeedback with actors, musicians and dancers. My PhD was about the real-time sonification of EEG for Neurofeedback at the Open University.

Tony Steffert, PhD, Msc, Bsc(Hons)

qEEG, ERP & Neurofeedback

I record qEEG/ERPs at a clinics in Harley Street, Cambridge & around the world and do Neurofeedback training with children and adults with a range of conditions.

I am a consultant on several commercial and research projects using EEG and heart rate variability and have worked on several neuromarketing projects (British Gas and eBay) as well as TV shows ‘This morning’ at ITV and at the BBC.

I have worked on three Virtual Reality neurofeedback studies and am collaborating with a clinic in Munich to develop more appropriate VR neurofeedback games.

I run training courses on neurofeedback and qEEG/ERPs and am a co-supervised of several Degree, Master’s and PhD students.