Gaylin has been in practicing with 5T Consulting since 2001. Using her doctoral psychological research training she has been able to underpin her work with psychological theory. She has been one of the foremost developers of modern psychotherapeutic thought in areas such as cognitive therapy, autogenic therapy, the management of alcohol dependence as an illness, therapeutic treatment of Parkinson’s disease sufferers and the development of children and teenagers with behavioural or self harming challenges – CAFASS programme.

Gaylin Tudhope

MSc(LCD) BA(Psych) DipAT Consulting Psychotherapist

Gaylin developed the very successful 1-2-1 Solutions approach to addictive behaviour which has a high success rate of many addiction management programmes.

Gaylin has further expertise in leadership and business mentoring in terms of communication and understanding personality. Gaylin is able to offer numerous psychometric assesments from anxiety to forensic risk management. In addition to her work in the practice, Gaylin has taught doctors and other graduates at Brunel and Brighton University. She is a well-known writer and broadcaster on psychology and life-style topics.